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September 3, 2013
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I decided I would try a story this time.  (Feedback is much appreciated)

This is a story about one of my earliest, and most intense tickle experiences.

I joined boy scouts when I was fairly young, probably my early teens as I remember.  At the time I wasn't the most social person for sure.  People often mistakened my shyness for unfriendly or snobbish behavior, which led to a few things.  

I pretty much only talked to two close friends that I already knew, Jeff, and Sam.  They had both been in the troop for a year before me, I was the newbie this year.  But apparently others in my troop decided that my standoffishness wouldn't fly here.

So one weekend, we went away on a cabin camping trip for 3 days.  As the weekend wore on I started to get the feeling that other troop members were trying to find some way to make me open up.  They were looking for some way to bring the new guy into the troop dynamic.

Today we were playing a game of football, out in a field behind our cabin.  

I can't remember exactly why, but I caught a pass, and got into a wrestling match with one other kid for the ball.  We were rolling around in a tug of war, back and forth.  He wasn't giving up, and neither was I.  

All of sudden I hear my friend Jeff  (who happened to be on the opposite team) screaming TickleHim!  TIckle HIM!  He's TIcklish!!!  

*That Traitor!*  Is all I remember thinking before I burst into hysterical giggles.

The kid  was kneeling over me, poking and prying and wiggling his fingers into every little space he could! I squirmed under him trying to defend myself, trying to cover up my sensitive torso. Somehow he slipped right past  my arms, hitting every tickle spot, pushing on them like buttons.  My ribs, sides and tummy were getting it bad, and this kid was making it look easy.

"Give it Up!  Give up the ball! Kitchee CoooooohhhhH!"  He taunted me, and made goofy faces, making me laugh even harder.  

I knew I was in trouble, so I surrendered.  I coughed up the ball, and threw it the side.   The tickling didn't stop, the kid was more interested in my ticklishness now.

I was helpless. I rolled over on my stomach laughing crazily, trying to press my arms to my sides, or crawl away.  I kicked my feet against the ground behind me, but couldn't move anywhere. I turned to jello.  Everyone else stood around and watched, as I was tickled into utter hysterics.

Just as he was starting to unbutton my uniform shirt, and get to my bare skin I was saved!

Through my teary squinted eyes, I could just barely see one of our leaders standing in the doorway, calling us all inside.

Saved by a stroke of Luck!  The brown haired kid poking his fingers into my torso stopped. He looked towards the door, and then back at me.  He had a huge devilish smirk on his face as if to say (You're lucky.) It was like he didn't want to stop, but knew that he had no choice.

He rose up slowly, lifting his weight off me.  He joined the others, snickering under his breath as they walked inside.

Later that day I was hanging out in the cabin alone, stretched across my bed, drawing, doing whatever.   After a while the 5 other people in our cabin came in.  They had just come back from somewhere (again something I didn't participate in.)  Jeff climbed up, and plopped down on the bunk above me.

I never looked up from my sketch pad to see what they were doing.  

Of course, a few idol minutes for them was to many. They used this time to start to bugging me. They asked why I didn't talk more, and why I was so shy blah blah......

I just grunted, trying to ignore them and focus.  

I continued on with what I was doing.  Seconds later,I looked up and noticed the same grinning face of the brown haired kid from earlier.(I found later that his name was Will.)  

He was the ring leader of the Irritate me movement.  Will did whatever he could to annoy me.  He stood at the side of my bed playing with my hair, poking stuff into my ear, and occasionally he nudged my sides making me jerk.

I had had it up to here with him, and before I could even turn around and say stop, he and 3 others grabbed me, and wrestled me to the floor.  

Two of them sat on my ankles so I couldn't get up at all, the other two held my upperbody in one way or another.  They had impish grins on their faces....There was a frosty air to the room, and I knew what was coming.

I was trying to push them off me in vein, and I heard one kid say "We have to break this newbie in!"  

They took advantage of my secret weakness again, and  my terrible ticklish vulnerability showed itself.

My shirt got pulled up and I felt fingers wiggling and squeezing me all over.  They got my ribs, my bare tummy, they dug into my sides and teased my innie  bellybutton.  

Immediately I burst into frantic struggling giggles.  

When their fingers found their way into underarms, It was over.  My armpits are one of my most horribly ticklish spots, and my giggles became even more high pitched.  I tried to hold myself together, but I was slipping. My laughter started to sound more like girlish squealing.

I bucked and squirmed trying to get them off,  but nothing worked, tickling saps my energy so quickly.

"I bet his feet are ticklish to!!"  one yelled.

A chill always shoots up my spine, knowing my feet are next.  I watched them strip off my hiking boots, and then my long thick socks, and toss them away.  

My sensitive soles were now bare, and another of my worst tickish spots was exposed.  Their fingers started to diddle over the soft skin of my soles. Their fingers pryed their way under my toes, and danced over my sole.  My reactions were most intense when they found my arch.

I totally lost it. I snorted, tears of laughter ran down my cheeks, and gales of belly aching laughter seeped out.  No one could hear me, the cabin door was closed, none of our leaders was around.  The next cabin was to far away.

Through my teary eyes, I could just barely see my friend Jeff on the top bunk.  He was  looking down at me, kicking his legs back and forth calmly.  I had a hunch that he was probably part of this whole scheme, to make me more "Comfortable" with the troop.  He did nothing to help, and just watched my ticklish fate unfold.  

When I began having trouble breathing, Jeff finally stepped in and said I had enough.  I was a sweating, panting, crying ticklish mess when they stopped.

They let me go, but gave me a warning.  They would tickle me from then on, anytime I seemed standoffish or uncomfortable.  

It was an extreme tickling for sure. Personally, I always thought they used these excuses to justify tickling me.  But I would be lying if I said I didn't have fun to...
Early Tickle Experience in Boy Scouts
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Honuk Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
I like the story but only one thing... they can't remove the socks before the boots^^
Chillguysketch Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Well spotted, fixed it.
Poodles1215 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Loved it!! I hope you post the story of your revenge on the other kids!!!
funtickler Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
great story!!
Solleticoso Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013

That's a cool story for sure!!

I really had fun reading at it, and I feel more of a similitude between you as a teenager and me as a teen... but I wasn't all that ticklish at the time, I usually acted as a tickler with a close friend of mine, who was very ticklish, and who used to invite me to his home, an Saturdays afternoon, to play videogames...

That's a fantastic and very sweet story! :) Thank you for posting! :)
Chillguysketch Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Oh ok, cool experience you had there.  Thanks for reading, glad you liked it.
Solleticoso Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Oh, it was entairly my pleasure!!

I'd like to "talk" a little with you through notes, if you'd like it too, and if you have some time, about our tickling experiences! :)
Chillguysketch Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
sure, feel free.
Solleticoso Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
ehy, take a look at your note, please! :)
haruhost Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Awesome story, hope get to hear some more in the future.
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